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Fostering a Connection between Technology and Communities

Community Toolbox is born from good intentions to empower citizens with free access to innovative technologies (we call them “Smart Tools”) to learn more about their environment, wellbeing and community dynamics, through the data that is collected.

Together we can gather valuable data to help drive positive change for ourselves and our communities. We aim to do so through this platform for citizens to borrow and actively participate in data collection, and get data insights.

A look at the latest additions in our Toolbox

Don't know where to start?

We are here to support with some simple steps to join our community and start borrowing devices.

Check how to Get Started
  • STEP 1 Join Voice

    To become eligible for borrowing any smart tool(s) from the Community Toolbox you must be a member of Voice, our citizen involvement network. If you haven’t registered with Voice yet, Click here↗ to register.

  • STEP 2 Register with Community Toolbox

    Click here↗ to register and become part of Community Toolbox. Please make sure you use the same details that you used to register to be a Voice member.

  • STEP 3 Select a Smart Tool

    Explore the currently available smart tools from our 'Borrow' page and select the one that aligns with your interests or objectives.

  • STEP 4 Submit the Borrowing form

    Once you have selected the smart tool, click on 'Borrow' which will lead you to a borrowing form where you have to tell us the borrowing time period and your motivation to borrow the smart tool of your choice. We value knowing what inspired you to join Community Toolbox. Our team will contact you within 7 working days with a confirmation.

  • STEP 5 Collect your Smart Tool

    Our team will contact you to either visit our base at National Innovation Centre for Ageing↗ or in the Grainger Market at a scheduled time to collect your chosen smart tool. Our team will also assist you with information on setting up the device and other essential information to get you started.

    *If you are unable to collect on your own due to disability or caring responsibilities, we may be able to offer an alternative arrangement. While filling the borrowing form, please select ‘yes’ for additional support needed to collect device.

  • STEP 6 Enjoy using the device!

    During the borrowing period we’d encourage you to make the most of the device by exploring its capabilities, actively collect data, and contribute to Community Toolbox’s initiative by participating in (optional) ‘Challenges’ associated with the device.

Check how to Return Device
  • STEP 1 Return the device

    At the end of the borrowing period, simply return the smart tool to National Innovation Centre for Ageing↗ either in-person or by post. Our team will ensure a smooth return process and send you a reminder.

  • STEP 2 Data Summary

    After you have returned the smart tool, we will send you a data summary. We need a few days to process the information but you should receive this within 10 working days.

  • STEP 3 Stay Connected

    Let’s keep in touch! Stay connected with us through updates and community events at the Grainger Market. Your continued engagement strengthens our vibrant community.

Got questions or need help? Drop us a message
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The Community Toolbox is being delivered by the Internet of Caring Things® programme (part of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing) with funding from the North of Tyne Combined Authority. It is inspired by and builds on the successful ‘SenseMyStreet’ Sensor Commissioning Toolkit created by Open Lab and Urban Observatory at Newcastle University.

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